I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing teams and brands in the professional and consumer audio, and the general consumer electronics industries. Here are a few of the highlights:

Roberts Radio: With a history dating back to 1932, Roberts Radio is a brand synonymous with quality radios and audio products in the UK, boasting a rich heritage. My time at Roberts was marked by upholding high standards and balancing tradition with innovation, contributing to its status as a symbol of ‘Britishness’ and its recognition through Royal Warrants. As Head of Product I was responsible for all new product development and the ongoing quality of existing ones. I also managed a number of sustainability initiatives to incorporate recycled materials in products and to eliminate waste. Across nearly 4 years, I led the new product development of around 20 new products.

Morphy Richards: Since 1936, Morphy Richards has been at the forefront of household appliance innovation in Europe, with a significant presence in over 90% of British homes, My role involved driving design and technological advancements and managing new product development in several cross-functional teams: Breakfast, Floorcare, Garment Care, and Small Kitchen Appliances.

As an interim lead, my role was to manage a transition from UK to Chinese ownership and to streamline and modernise the product development processes.

Orbitsound: Showcasing Airsound Technology, from 2009 I played a central role in leading new product development, and collaboratively working with teams in remote locations, including suppliers in Asia. Some outstanding and highly influential products were created during this period, including soundbars such as the T12v3 and the A70; as well as highly regarded streaming speakers such as the E30.

Jarre / Aerosystems: I developed the acoustic design of new projects to improve their performance and fine-tuned the finished product for great acoustic impact. Jarre is a highly design-focused company with some uniquely quirky designs such as the Aerobull and the Aeroframe.

Alice, PYE, JOEMEEK TFPRO: My earlier work (pre-2009) spanned many projects in the professional audio space. Whilst not household names, these brands are very well known in the pro audio sphere. Projects were mainly studio-focused devices such as mic pre-amplifiers, mixing consoles, and audio compressors. The most notable devices were the iconic bright green Compressors branded ‘JOEMEEK’.