Inspired by Blumlein

The year was 1993. I was 17 years old, and helping my father prepare for a recording we were to do on location of a choir. At the time I recall we had some of the first available low cost large condenser microphones available, and one of these had a pattern switch that allowed cardioid, figure 8 and omni directional recording. In my own work recording bands, I’d only ever used the cardioid setting, and didn’t give a thought to the ‘figure 8’ option.

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Transconductance / Air Amp Technology

In November 2018, Ted Fletcher and I gave a talk at the Institute of Acoustics. The subject was achieving higher fidelity audio through the use of Transconductance (current mode) amplifiers. I wrote this paper which is a technical approach to showing how the technology can be used to massively reduce levels of acoustic distortion produced by a loudspeaker / amplifier system.

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