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A lifetime of music, electronics and computing technology, I am driven by the audio experience and making new things. I co-invented and continue to develop Airsound, the widely-used single speaker stereo technology.

“I am passionate about making beautiful products that produce beautiful sound.”

I am a specialist in acoustic product development, electronic and acoustic design, team management and quality manufacture in China.

Key Attributes


  • 10+ years working with manufacturers in China
  • Acoustic Tuning Specialist
  • Airsound Specialist
  • Press and PR spokesperson


  • Product Development
  • Product & UI Design
  • DSP programming and tuning
  • Acoustic Design
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Presentation Skills

Air D1

A project that spanned an incredible 8 years. The Air D1 showcases Airsound and what can be achieved when the only goal is sonic purity. The Air D1 is an incredible acoustic machine that summarises my achievements to date.

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Press & PR

I promote the products and technologies that I work with. Effective PR requires planning in how technology is presented in order to communicate key messages. I have been a key spokesperson for projects I have been involved with for several years.

April 2019, introducing the Orbitsound Air D1 to press
I appeared on the UK Gadget show in 2016 and 2017 as an acoustics specialist to evaluate products that were on test

Airsound Technology

Airsound is a unique audio technology that allows a single loudspeaker box to produce a smooth and consistent stereo sound for all listeners. This means that the best experience is not limited to a ‘sweet spot’ that is normal for regular 2 speaker stereo systems.

Orbitsound has used Airsound technology in all of their products since 2011, with over 150,000 products in use daily. Airsound provides a game-changing sound experience for situations where a single sound source is needed, or stereo is needed in a large listening space.

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Contact & Associates

Guy Fletcher, my brother. Keyboard player with Mark Knopfler.
See his site at guyfletcher.co.uk

Airsound technology is provided exclusively through Orbitsound.com.

TFPRO – Hand made analogue awesomeness from Ted Fletcher, audio legend, and my Dad tfpro.com.

Contact me directly at daniel@djfletcher.co.uk