Unveiling the all new www.airsound.com

I’m extremely proud to announce the launch of our new website, airsound.com.

Nearly 20 years ago I co-invented Airsound – the technology that became the exclusive foundation of all Orbitsound soundbars, bluetooth and smart speakers, with many thousands in service today. Airsound technology has evolved over the years, and some new and exciting developments have lead to the formation of my new company (Airsound Technology LLP) with our new mission – to work with audio brands and industry professionals to integrate Airsound technology and empower audio products with new capabilities to communicate stereo and spatial sound to listeners.

The new site is the home for all Airsound related developments and the launchpad for new developments, including the incredibly exciting Airsound Spatial – a new development that propels Airsound and audio steering into the World of spatial audio including rendering Dolby Atmos®.

Visit www.airsound.com for details on Airsound, stereo and spatial audio technology.