Audio Product Development & Electroacoustic Specialist

Welcome to my World of Great Audio Products

As a Product Development Specialist, I bring experience and innovation to the forefront of audio product development. Formerly the Head of Innovation and Development at Glen Dimplex for Roberts Radio and Morphy Richards brands, I now offer my expertise to a wider array of clients and projects.

I have a rich history of managing design concepts into successful, high-quality products alongside cross-functional international teams. My proficiency extends to collaborating with joint developer manufacturers, usually in Asia.

My portfolio showcases a range of products, from totally bespoke ‘concept to production’, to projects that leverage existing platforms for faster delivery and lower development costs.

My specialisation is consumer audio product development, encompassing electronic and acoustic design and optimisation, audio DSP, embedded software development, and robust team and project management. With a strong background in quality manufacturing, I bring a unique perspective and complete skill set to the table.

I am dedicated to innovation. I have pioneered and developed Airsound (the patented spatial audio technology), as well as introduced state-of-the-art amplifiers, used recycled materials, and introduced innovative user experience enhancements in many recent products. See my portfolio for details:

Key Skills and Experience

Collaborating with Manufacturers in China

  • Collaborating with manufacturers in China
  • Acoustic tuning and optimisation
  • Electronic architecture and design
  • Loudspeaker enclosure design and tuning
  • Expertise as an Airsound consultant
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I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing teams and brands in the professional and consumer audio, and the general consumer electronics industries. Here are a few of the highlights:

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Airsound Technology

Airsound is a unique audio technology that allows a single loudspeaker box to produce a smooth and consistent stereo sound for all listeners. This means that the best experience is not limited to a ‘sweet spot’ that is normal for regular 2 speaker stereo systems.

Orbitsound has used Airsound technology in all of their products since 2011, with over 150,000 products in use daily. Airsound provides a game-changing sound experience for situations where a single sound source is needed, or stereo is needed in a large listening space.

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Featured Posts

Roberts Reunion – Turning it around!

The Roberts Reunion was an exercise in taking a lateral approach to achieve a truly fantastic performing and looking product. It has a superb tonal balance, achieves a huge SPL with low distortion and has some really fantastic features, including a broadcast mode, Bluetooth 5.3… and it’s waterproof too!


My 2024 portfolio reflects my journey as the inventor of Airsound technology and a leader in product development, emphasising my dedication to merging design, functionality, and innovative audio technology. It highlights my contributions to developing high-quality audio systems, soundbars, and Bluetooth speakers, underlined by my skills in DSP design and acoustic engineering. This document showcases my ability to turn unique ideas into market-leading products, leading and inspiring teams to achieve excellence in the competitive world of audio products.