Airsound Spatial Audio Technology Announced

Press Release: Announcing Airsound Spatial Audio technology.

I’m excited to share a significant evolution in Airsound Technology with the unveiling of Airsound Spatial. This presents a new approach for high quality Spatial Audio to be experienced in homes and beyond – promising the experience of 7.1.4 or more, from only 2 speakers.

Airsound Technology LLP takes a significant leap forward, building upon a heritage of audio excellence that began nearly two decades ago. Airsound Spatial is our invitation to audio brands looking for a transformative approach to Spatial Audio. This technology enables expansive soundscapes from an incredibly streamlined setup, promising a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication. 

We are offering a rare opportunity to redefine the audio space within consumer and professional Spatial Audio products. For those with an ear for potential and an eye for innovation, we welcome you to explore the possibilities of integrating Airsound Spatial.

For further details on the technology and partnerships, please peruse our press release: