Orbitsound P70w

The Orbitsound P70w is a unique product that features Airsound in an all-in-one platform with multiple orientations. The configuration was inspired relatively late during its development and from an unlikely source…

The acoustic platform had humble beginnings as a face-on wall mount only device intended for boardrooms, and I remember one product meeting when it was lying on it’s back. Someone said, “Its a shame you couldn’t use it lying on its side, because it’s really thin, and would make a great soundbar”.

That last comment got me thinking. Why not? The side (Airsound) drivers work the same in any orientation. The sub-bass unit also would work unaffected. The challenge was the front loudspeaker that operated as a forward facing pair. I did some experiments splitting the front array, so each of the 2″ drivers faced forwards and upwards. After some thinking and model making, I found that the sound could be consistent vertically. The result is a unit with complete coverage, and options to place low down or high up wall mounted, or as a soundbar: A totally unique configuration.

The P70w can be used flat as a soundbar