QR Code based User’s Guides

It’s not often that I would get very excited about the rear panel of a new product, but launching today are the rather beautiful Roberts Zen and Zen Plus DAB / FM Bluetooth Sleep sound bedside radio products – the first units to feature a QR code based Handbook / User’s guides.

The products are custom designed alarm clock radios, and as easy as they are to use, it is inevitable that some Users will have questions on how to use some features fully. The product approaches this challenge with a new approach that I have engineered and introduced. The product ships with a multi language quick start guide which is simplified and highly graphical, but on the actual product is a User scannable QR code that delivers the full User’s guides online.

This innovation is being applied to all new Roberts products and is expected to deliver on a number of fronts:

  • Improved User experience: Online information is easy to update and searchable – so the Users can expect to receive more relevant support information.
  • No need to keep a book! – Users won’t need to add a printed handbook to the kitchen drawer that is overflowing with various handbooks.
  • Green – The innovation saves on cost of the product, resources, and shipping weight.
  • Multilanguage – The handbook can be updated with additional languages.
  • Efficient – Product handbooks no longer need fully completing before mass production which is weeks before launch. Instead, handbooks can be written up to the launch date and adapted as new software versions are released.

The online guides for Zen

Roberts Zen User’s guide | Roberts Zen Plus User’s guide