Orbitsound Air D1

A relentless quest to create the purest audio experience to date. The Air D1 showcases Airsound with analogue transconductance amplifiers that virtually eliminate harmonic distortions by using feedback from the drivers’ motions. 

My role in the Air D1

  • Project Lead
  • Acoustic Design
  • DSP Design
  • UI Design
  • ID Manager
  • Acoustic Tuning & Bug-fixing

The project started back in 2011 as a simple idea – what is the highest fidelity sound we can get to showcase Airsound?

Air D1 being put through its paces at Angel recording studios
My Father and I working on the analogue amplifiers
Acoustic measurements in real environments form a foundation for fine-tuning
An early acoustic prototype in production at OGLE Prototyping, London
More acoustic testing in the Angel Recording Studio main live room